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Where can I find my download?

It will be sent to the mail account that is connected to your paypal.

Which format Is for the mobile preset?

The DNG file. For Desktop it is XMP or DNG as well if you are using older Versions of Lightroom.

How to install the preset?

For desktop, just click "import preset" in your develop module.

For mobile, Import the DNG file to Lightroom, open it and scroll to the right and click "create preset".

Help! I can't extract the files!

If you cannot unzip or extrakt the files on your mobile device, open your Mail on a desktop pc or laptop and extract there.

If that is still not working (which should never happen) write us a mail:

Where do I find the Videos?

Download the PDF above, in it, you will find the Video link to a playlist. In it, you will find a demonstration video (40 min.), a video on how to install the preset on your phone and an example of an edit on a phone.

I accidentally bought the wrong one, what can I do?

Send us a mail:

I didn't receive the mail with the downloadlink

Check your spam folder first. If that doesn't help, send us a mail where you state the day on which you bought the preset and the Mail that is connected to your PayPal.