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The Preset & LUT for skin tone oriented editing

Including a detailed explanation guide, Videos and the desktop and mobile version!

Easy to use, optimized for skin.

The only preset and LUT you will ever need, no more searching

Wedding Preset Examples

Warm Brownie Preset/LUT Examples

How to install

suited for both mobile and desktop

Installing the preset on Lightroom Desktop: Open Lightroom, head over to the develop module and on the left side, select import preset. Select the XMP File you got from your download link.

Installing the preset on Lightroom mobile: Download the included DNG file. Open Lightroom and import the DNG file into Lightroom. Once you open the file, it will already have all the adjustments needed. Now, go to the presets tab on the far right and hit create preset and you are done.


You know that cozy, golden afternoon in october? everything is soaked in that brownish tint. that was our vision when we created our allrounder Presets and Luts. 
We have been refining this gems for over two years now and set focus on warm, brown, moody tones.
We use this for 90% of our work that involves people.


How to get the most out of warm brownie

note: a more detailed Guide and a video is included in the product for those who want to use it. But you dont have to! It is ready to use right away!

To get the most out of this preset, you sometimes have to make little adjustments here and there because every photo is different. nothing major but to ensure you always get the desired tones, you need to follow some simple principles:

First off, always adjust your exposure to your liking.

Then, warm your photo wayyyy up using the white balance, to get that tasty warm tones.

Up your shadows until you see enough detail.

Skin too dark/bright? lower the highlights or simply scroll down to your HSL tab and up or down the orange luminance.

If you follow these simple steps, you should always get your desired tones! Of course the preset will work fine without it, its just the extra mile to always get the result you are looking for.

Summertime! examples (comming soon)


How to get the most out of summertime!

This preset is pretty straight forward. Most of the times you just apply it and it looks stunning right out of the box.

The reason for that is that this preset does not drastically impact the photo to change its mood like warm brownie does. Thats why we always use this one, if warm brownie does'nt work as well as we would like it.

The preset is - as the name suggests - meant for summerdays, specifically for those nasty really bright hours from 12am to 3pm.

Normally, you wont need to adjust this one, only if you want to change the greens around (we like to darken them using the green luminance slider) or if somebody has redish skin. In that case, just move the red hue a bit more towards the orange.

This is a perfect preset for wedding photographers during the summer and for everyone that wants a clean, natural and warm look.

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